Workforce Planning Analytics

Optimsing your most important resource - people
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Workforce Planning Analytics

Workforce planning is all about understanding your most important and expensive resource – your people. Our Advanced Analytics team can help you address the following:

  • Forecast demand of product and services to place the optimal amount of staff at the right location, at the right time.
  • Develop KPI’s including weighted cost of exit, manager instability rate, staff engagement scores, and talent succession.
  • Make strategic decisions, including new talent acquisition and coaching for under-performers.
  • Predict workforce disruptions, the risk of employees leaving, and which departments will be hit hardest during mergers or restructures.

Workforce Planning Cycle

Overcome strategic human capital challenges 

Human capital dynamics is all about understanding your most important (and most expensive) resource: your people. HR professionals need a consistent analytical point of reference to make decisions that impact business results. Through advanced analytics, Analytics8 helps connect workforce performance and strategy to wider business goals. 

Organisation Network Intelligence

Organisational network analysis makes it possible to observe and measure interpersonal dynamics in the working environment. Like Facebook or mobile phone networks, the principles applied to understand interactions between individuals can also be applied to organisational networks, including analysis of emails, meeting systems, and communications. This includes: 

  • Identifying interdependencies among team members.
  • Determining central hubs of communication.
  • Monitoring risk/compliance/internal fraud. 
  • Measuring absentee rates and employee engagement. 
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of workforce initiatives. 

Analytics8 brings technical expertise and experience in data integration and analytics to every workforce analytics deployment strategy. 

Evaluate workforce performance and retain valuable talent

By correlating individual performance with successful organisational outcomes, Analytics8 can help you to identify high performers and ensure the right employees are retained. When combined with analysis of employee resignation rates and departmental movements, you can evidence-based actions to reduce unwanted turnover, focus on top talent, critical positions, and promote seamless succession. 

The result is enhanced, fact-based decision-making capability that aligns with long-term business imperatives. 

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