Seamlessly integrate data residing in SAP BusinessObjects into your Data Visualisation apps.
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UniverseBridge connects your data visualisation apps to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer.

Many organisations invest in multiple business intelligence platforms because they like the interactive visualisations offered by tools such as Qlik, Tableau or Power BI, but they’re also seeking the powerful backend and metadata layer of a tool like SAP BusinessObjects.

UniverseBridge offers the best of both worlds.

With UniverseBridge, you can seamlessly integrate data residing in SAP BusinessObjects into your data visualisation apps. This allows you to leverage your corporate business logic already developed within your SAP BusinessObjects Universes.

Why use UniverseBridge?

  • The best of both worlds: Benefit from both the interactive visualisations offered by tools such as Qlik, Power BI and Tableau, and the powerful backend and semantic layer of your current SAP BusinessObjects environment.
    • Reuse, not rebuild: Use what you’ve already built in BusinessObjects to create interactive visualisations and apps; Easily associate data across existing legacy Universes and other data sources without rebuilding them; Automatically see any changes to object and join definitions within the BusinessObjects Universes instantly reflected within your scripts.
    • Accelerate Development: Leverage the power of your existing BusinessObjects Universes without having to re-build SQL Queries.
    • Better data governance: UniverseBridge gives you the control to do your job and ensure data quality and governance while giving end users the flexibility to get the reports they need.
    • Simple Installation:  UniverseBridge is extremely easy to install and configure. You simply drop a single .WAR file into the Tomcat webapps directory that hosts your SAP BusinessObjects CMS, and the installation is automatic.
    • Simple usage:  Everything is wizard driven, and anybody with BOBJ credentials can use it.  With other ODBC-centric solutions, each user needs administrative permissions on their machine and a deep understanding of ODBC.
    • Simple Promotion of Connections and Data sets:  Promoting UniverseBridge connections and data set to your server, connection library, and/or production environment is simple.  It’s either automatic or a simple right-click operation.  Unlike other solutions, there’s no need to create and modify ODBC DSN’s in multiple environments

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