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Going more places with data

The transport industry is now more data-driven than any time in history. Analytics8 is working with airline and automotive organisations to leverage data to deliver operational excellence.


Airlines can now measure revenue in real-time, optimise flight schedules, monetise customer data, optimise supply chain, create rich customer experiences, and understand costs at granular level.

How we have helped airlines:

  • Connect with customers beyond loyalty program: Using Big Data and data discovery techniques we were able to help a global airline identify and better understand passengers that were not part of their frequent flyer programs. Further customer behaviour analytics drove significant value in the newly-defined customer segments.
  • Increase off-site check-in: We delivered an improvement in an airline’s customer experience and helped achieve targets for the level of passengers that were checked in before arriving at the airport.
  • Understand the impact of disruptions: Using near real-time data we can guide front-line airport staff to the best action for individuals’ customers that were impacted by disruptions.


Within the Automotive industry new ways to interact with customers, GPS tracking, production automation and telematics are providing vast amounts of data that must be managed and interpreted to ensure product quality, manage risk, hear the voice of the customer, optimise supply chain and increase brand loyalty.

  • Better understand your customers: By collecting all interactions and provide a total customer experience that allows you to learn about each person and then to personalise products and services that match their life stage and drive sales, servicing and retention.
  • Supply chain optimisation: Using data from truck GPS units, Bluetooth beacons on floor staff, and your core applications, we can run real-time workforce, logistics and distribution optimisation that help you adapt to maintain efficiencies and your competitive edge.
  • Determine drivers and detractors of loyalty: Applying churn analytics techniques to help understand why people are loyal to your brand and who might want to leave and how best to intervene.
  • Predict what is next: Use advanced analytics techniques to accurately predict what is likely to happen and predict NPS, sales, spare part usage, repairs, revenue, vehicle demand, and your next best conversation.
  • Grow your franchise network: Reward and help grow your franchisees business through better engagement and support and create delighted, loyal and profitable customers.

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