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Talend is the next generation leader in cloud and Big Data integration deployments. The technology offers easy-to-use tools for real-time, batch, or dynamic integration running in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. It also offers built-in data quality, machine learning, data preparation and governance.

As a Talend gold partner, our consultants are fully versed in Talend technology. We can leverage its capabilities to help you take control of your data, both today and tomorrow. And with its innate ability to adapt to ever-changing demands and new technologies, Talend can help our clients get more out of their IT investments.

Why we use Talend

Talend offers true data agility: With is open, native and unified integration platform, it is equipped to handle the ever-increasing data volumes, data types and data users that businesses are experiencing. Talend can also rapidly adopt new technologies, such as cloud, Big Data and open source. Because it is designed for change, you can move from one style of integration to another without having to install and learn new integration technologies.

With a predictable licensing model, it makes expenditure planning easier for both our clients and our consultants. If you combined all those advantages with a strong world-wide community, plus being a Forrester and a Gartner leader in Data Integration, it brings confidence to our client in adopting any of the Talend technologies.

How we use Talend

From inception to post-delivery, our consultants can help you at any stage of your Talend project. A non-exhaustive view of our services is:

  • Advisory and licensing selection
  • Architecture review including sizing, security and HA/DR strategy
  • Installation and user setup
  • Data Modelling
  • Project management and project delivery
  • Automated framework and awarded pattern
  • Data Quality framework
  • High Availability Application Integration / ESB
  • Golden record identification via MDM on multiple entity
  • Instructor lead training on Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data and ESB Talend tools
  • Best practice and proven documentation on the latest industry standard

Talend leverages our data integration and data quality framework, Acceler8. It helps fast-forward your integration project by bringing rapid value and data ingestion into your data lake / data warehouse.

We have developed a proven methodology supported by industry standard data modelling techniques and Talend makes it easy to support these methods:

  • 3NF – Third normal form
  • Inmon – ER or Entity Modelling
  • Kimball – Star / Snowflake schema
  • Data Vault 2.0

We also understand the importance of self-service Business intelligence, and therefore are fully capable of leveraging the customer-centric tools that Talend offers.

Talend case study

One of our customers requested a Proof-of-Concept using both Snowflake and Talend regarding the integration of number plate recognition on their premises. The project leveraged native Talend capabilities to process webservices and Snowflake in real-time. The prototype was very well received and opened the door for many new marketing initiatives. Read the case study here.

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