We are excited to announce that Analytics8 Australia is now a Talend gold partner. Talend is the next generation leader in cloud and big data integration deployments. The technology offers easy-to-use tools for real-time, batch, or dynamic integration running in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. It also offers built-in data quality, machine learning, data preparation and governance.

What really sets Talend apart is that it offers true data agility: With is open, native and unified integration platform, it is equipped to handle the ever-increasing data volumes, data types and data users that businesses are experiencing. Talend can also rapidly adopt new technologies, such as cloud, big data and open source. Because it is designed for change, you can move from one style of integration to another without having to install and learn new integration technologies.

As a Talend gold partner, our consultants are fully versed in Talend technology. We can leverage its capabilities to help you take control of your data, both today and tomorrow. And with its innate ability to adapt to ever-changing demands and new technologies, Talend can help our clients get more out of their IT investments.

Over 1500 businesses globally are already using Talend. Want to join them? Contact us to find out how Talend can future-proof your data needs.


Analytics8 is technology agnostic advisor and implementation partner, not a software reseller. We pride ourselves on being able to provide businesses with genuine, unbiased advice based on our deep experience in data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics. We are passionate about transforming data into usable information and actionable insight and have the skills and experience to deliver projects irrespective of an organisation’s current technology mix.