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Tableau is data visualisation software that allows you to easily connect to data, then visualise and create interactive, and sharable dashboards. As a Tableau Partner, we have extensive experience working with Tableau to help our clients answer their most important business and commercial question 

Why we use Tableau

Tableau enables users to easily explore and answer questions of their data. It provides powerful visual analytics with a focus on self-service that promotes speed, ease of use and powerful insights.

Core benefits include:

  • Time to Value: Tableau takes less time to deploy than many other BI tools. No programming skills are required!

  • Designed for Flow: Making the interface “disappear” has been a design goal since Tableau was founded 10 years ago. No other software allows the user to focus on data as well as Tableau.

  • Visual Analytics: In Tableau Desktop, you define both the chart and the query in one step, and can do so by directly interacting with the visualisation rather than first defining a query, then taking the resulting table and applying it to a chart.

  • Agile Data Connections: Tableau has 40+ tuned live data connections to on-premise, cloud and file based data sources. You can keep your data where it is; Tableau can connect to your data and leverage your investment in data architecture, or you can create data extracts for fast in-memory queries and sharing. Tableau also supplies a data engine for additional data support right out of the box.

As Tableau Partners, we’re delighted to be able to bring you the latest Business Intelligence trends, straight from the Tableau newsroom.

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How we use Tableau

Beyond Tableau visualisation design and development, as a Tableau partner our team provides: ​

  • Tableau architecture and environment planning​
  • Complex data blending and data integration​
  • Advanced UX development ​
  • Predictive analytics ​
  • Single sign-on and data security​
  • Performance tuning ​
  • Geospatial analytics​
  • Self-service analytics ​
  • Visualisation review and advisory services​
  • Development methodology and governance​ 


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