Workforce Optimisation with SAP Analytics Cloud & HANA Cloud Platform Solution

Our client manages some of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brands, employing over 200,000 employees. To optimise their vast workforce, we were engaged to deliver an end-to-end SAP HANA data warehouse and SAP Analytics Cloud workforce analytics solution.¬†

The Challenges

  • To unlock data assets from multiple HCM systems across different subsidiary
  • To unlock data assets from Cloud and Non-Cloud application from SAP and Non-SAP systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, SalesForce, and Non-SAP Payroll
  • Central consolidation of data from multiple source system was non-existent – The entire group’s consolidated workforce information was prepared manually.
  • Inconsistent data capture and deletion of records within the system was causing reconciliation issues against official published reports.
  • Management was unable to make informed decisions due to constantly changing data.


Analytics8 was engaged to deliver an end-to-end SAP HANA Data-warehouse and Analytics Cloud workforce analytics solution. This was the first of its kind in Australia. We leveraged our expertise in SAP HANA Data Warehouse and Analytics Cloud and our own operational metadata framework (Acceler8).

We successfully delivered the outcomes that were beyond the expectation of the business. This has opened up the realisation of endless opportunities to how the organisation’s people data asset can be leveraged.

Key components of our solution:

  • An operational metadata framework that underpins the full orchestration of the data pipeline process using SAP SDI.
  • A People & Culture and Line of Business information models built in SAP HANA Cloud and optimised for Analytics Cloud to drive adoption and user experience.
  • A People & Culture executive dashboard accessible anytime and anywhere developed in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • A self-service model allowing the business to access their data asset through SAP Analysis for office and SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • The SAP cloud-based solution integrated disparate sources from on-premises and cloud into one consolidated area. It also leveraged security features within SAP HANA to protect sensitive HR Data.

Workforce Insights Dashboard by Analytics8:

Company Diversity, Tenure & Leave


The organisation can now optimise their workforce from all directions:

  • The business has access to consolidated data through SAP Analysis for Office and SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Data from multiple HCM systems across different subsidiaries has been unlocked, and data assets from key systems such as SAP SuccessFactor, Payroll and Salesforce have been uncovered.
  • The new ‘People & Culture’ executive dashboard allows the management team to drill down from group level to individual stores and people.
  • Through the identification of key human resource drivers, management now has valuable business insight that can improve their decision-making.

We also delivered a Workforce Data Warehouse data platform which will serve as the foundation for all possibilities and future program such as workforce planning and advanced analytics.

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