Improving Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

SAP Case Study:

Our client operates a sophisticated ‘Voice of the Guest’ system centred on cars serviced on their premises. The challenge for our SAP consulting team was to automate near real-time tracking of guest feedback to better understand and improve the service experience.

As ‘guests’ complete their service survey, our solution automatically retrieves survey responses and applies an event-driven text analytics process.​

Using the SAP HANA Text Analytics platform, we then automated the extraction of entities such as sentiment and dictionary-based topics from the survey verbatim.

We included questions such as: 

  • How likely you would recommend Dealer X to your friends?
  • What can we do to improve?
  • What did you like / dislike?

We then built a monthly sentiment reporting model for key areas of the operation including facilities, people, product, ‘fix it first time’ alongside actual comments from guests.


The report created by our SAP consulting team is now used to drive each dealer’s direct behaviour with customers, with the intent of increasing the satisfaction index and NPS.​

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