Public Sector - Making a Difference to the Way We Live

The public sector plays a significant role within the Australian economy. Analytics8 has worked with education, finance, infrastructure, health departments and local councils to help them better manage, interpret, and share information, and ultimately make a difference to the quality of peoples’ lives.

Data Solutions for the Public Sector

Data can improve community and help make government and local councils more efficient, and boost businesses and the broader economy.

Benefits delivered include:

  • Simple Financial Management: Empowering every level of staff to have a clear understanding of costs and benefits to roll-up benefits of low-level control of costs.
  • Investing in tomorrow’s schools: Using open data and advanced analytics techniques to determine the best use of local finances to build and enhance schools to meet tomorrow’s demands.
  • Increased operational performance: Ensure evidence-based decisions are at the heart of both government and local councils’ operations with solutions that offer fantastic data discovery and visualisation capabilities.
  • Open data: Advising on use of open data within the private sector to improve community experience and boost private sector businesses and local economies.
  • Useful citizen-facing analytics: Collating, preparing, and sharing school and student performance data with parents to help inform their decisions around their children’s education.
  • Understanding all costs: Workforce management and optimisation, and cost centre analysis. Understand the actual cost of services to make evidence-based decisions on improving quality and efficiency and outcomes.

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