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Our customer is one of Australia’s largest health insurance providers with more than 3.5 million members. We were recently engaged to rework their fraud detection solution which had been originally developed by one of the world’s best known management consultancies.

The Challenge

One of Australia’s largest private health insurers tasked Analytics8 with integrating, migrating and improving their legacy fraud detection solution to identify and reduce fraud, protect their members and ensure the longevity of their payment integrity program.

The existing solution relied on outdated technologies, extensive manual data manipulation and failed to provide the organisation with the capability to detect and investigate potential fraudulent transactions in a timely matter.

The Solution

With a small, very focussed team existing of advanced analytics, data integration and data visualisation consultants, working on very tight deadlines, Analytics8 transformed three separate fraud detection solutions which could only be deployed on a bi-annual basis, into a fully-automated platform that could be deployed daily and on-demand using SQL Server, SAS and Tableau.

Analytics8 worked closely with the organisation’s payment integrity analysts to deliver the capabilities that they need to reduce risk, effectively manage potential fraud in a timely manner, and continue to provide their members with cost effective health insurance.

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