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Achieve operational excellence using the power of data and analytics

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Data Warehousing

Clean, high-quality, well-integrated data is the foundation of your analytics and reporting programme. Our consultants have the skills and experience to successfully design, deliver, enhance and support your data warehouse.

Big Data

Reveal hidden insights and exploit new business opportunities with big data technologies that allow you to capture, store and analyse huge quantities of data cheaply and efficiently. We can implement your big data solution using Hadoop or emerging alternatives like Spark.

Business Intelligence

Understand your business, your customers and your market with sophisticated query, reporting and data exploration capabilities. Analytics8 can provide skilled consultants to work with your team, or a complete solution end-to-end.

Data Integration

Focus on high-value analytical tasks using integrated, quality-tested data. Acceler8, our data integration methodology and accelerator, delivers flexible, easy maintained, best-practice integration using automated, model-driven techniques in record time.

Advanced Analytics

The purpose of Advanced Analytics is to unlock the business value that is hidden in your data. The Data Scientists in our Advanced Analytics team can expertly apply a range of advanced techniques to develop deep business insights and solve problems that go beyond the traditional Business Intelligence domain.


Achieve scalability, agility and cost-benefits using cloud-based analytics, data warehousing and data integration deployments.  Analytics has extensive, real-world experience of cloud solutions based on Amazon, Azure and other leading cloud provider platforms