News and insight from the Analytics8 team

Plate recognition from your smartphone with no coding

Plate recognition - or image recognition – is typically driven by technology known as deep learning. From optical character recognition (OCR) in your scanner, to facial recognition on your smartphone, it has become one of the mainstays of IT and Artificial...

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Exposing business blind spots

When it comes to managing your business, how do you know if you have blind spots – opportunities or risks you cannot see? And worse, what if these blind spots are costing you money without providing any real value? One highly impactful blind spot that effects many...

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Cost transparency with Magic Orange

There has never been an easy way to understand the true cost of running shared services. If someone asked you right now, would you know how all of your shared resources are being consumed? Would you say that your budget split is even close to being accurate? "Today,...

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Financial clarity with SpendView

Money matters. You can never underestimate the importance of effective money management and cost optimisation. But do you actually have clear vision of your spend? If you were asked right now, would you be able to answer all of these questions: What are you spending...

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Detecting Data Anomalies with Anodot

Our focus is using data and analytics to help businesses make smart, data-driven decisions. Because we recognise the importance of being able to make decisions in real time, one of the technologies we are expert in is Anodot. Anodot relies on AI to detect real time...

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Analytics8 Talend gold partner

We are excited to announce that Analytics8 Australia is now a Talend gold partner. Talend is the next generation leader in cloud and big data integration deployments. The technology offers easy-to-use tools for real-time, batch, or dynamic integration running in...

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