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Our Microsoft Practice

Analytics8 – Microsoft Gold Partners
Microsoft gold partner
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our consultants are equipped with the credentials and technical skills needed to implement high-quality data solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies.


With our deep Microsoft experience, we provide a high standard in implementing data warehousing and analytics projects. We are proud to support Microsoft’s vision for using cloud technology to transform business operations and create positive user experiences.

Our Microsoft Practice is flexible and adaptable, and we cater for clients who are diverse in terms of the critical data challenges they face, and their respective levels of experience with Microsoft solutions. The Microsoft suite enables us to consistently implement high-quality solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we provide the knowledge and support in using Microsoft technologies as required to implement and maintain modern, leading and scalable solutions that are well-suited to our clients’ diverse business needs.

Our Microsoft Gold Partner credentials include:

  • Gold Partner in Data Platform
  • Gold Partner in Data Analytics

Some of our clients rely on the use of Microsoft technologies as part of their data management, business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions, given its compatibility with many other IT assets and its ease of use among business and technical users.

Our Microsoft Practice

We help clients increase their awareness of the extensive capabilities that Microsoft provides for data warehousing and analytics solutions across diverse infrastructure environments including On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid architectures.
Our Microsoft Practice consists of dedicated consultants with years of experience in the data warehousing and analytics space. These consultants have gone through a thorough certification process in different Microsoft Technologies and use their technical skills every single day.

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Analytics8 stands out from its competitors for its agnostic approach to solution design. We believe that technology is an enabler. As such, our consultants focus on achieving a thorough understanding of the unique problems that our clients need solved, as well as the requirements that must form part of the solution. It is only once a solution has been envisioned that we select a technology.

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