Data Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

With new sources of data from consumer wearables, digital experiences and research, plus more efficient ways to store and compute data, data and analytics are dramatically changing the Health and Life Sciences industry.

Solutions for Success

Organisations can derive significant value from the increased ability to better understand patients and physicians through data and analytics.

Wide-reaching business intelligence and analytics can ensure campaigns, products and services are more personalised, and strategies fine-tuned.

Research is more focused, and development can accelerate with earlier evidence-based decisions within clinical trials.

Our Experience

We can apply machine learning and advanced analytics techniques to provide better patient outcomes, reduce costs, and drive more outcome-based value.

  • Data and analytics strategy: Multi-year data and analytics focused strategies the ensure you always see the bigger picture, understand how each area of the business is performing, and return value from analytics widely and evenly across the business.
  • Managing general practice clinical data: Integrating data from over seven-thousand distinct general practices to build a cloud-based data platform that helps general practitioners understand their clinical activity, how conditions are diagnosed, and how they are successfully treated.
  • Exceptional customer experience: Our data, analytics, and user experience design specialists can ensure that patients, physicians, suppliers, and clinicians receive personalised, intuitive and effective interactions that put them first.
  • Operational performance: Providing modern data platforms and advanced analytics allows internal analysts to analyse data more efficiently and advise everyone to make better-informed decisions.
  • Understanding costs and profit: Understand expenses and value derived from products and services to pinpoint areas for improvement and opportunity.
  • Analytics infrastructure: Impartial, practical advice to help you implement first-class data infrastructure that supports wide and even use of analytics across the organisation.
  • Forecast sales: Using a mix of feature, competitor, and clinical activity data to determine the appropriate price and then forecast sales for products.

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