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The ethical and regulatory approvals needed for clinical trials on people are complex. The considerations made in the process are potentially life altering, and the application process is multi-layered.  Managing this process is the responsibility of the Co-ordinating Office at the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria.  Although Victorian-based, they also have access to some information from across Australia.

The Challenge

The Coordinating Office needed a cleaner, more efficient means of both managing their source data, and performing reporting and analysis on the application process.  The solution is also aimed at all those who interact with the administration of the application process, such as the hospital administrators and ethics review committees.

The Solution

After a rigorous process, Analytics8 was selected to design, build and operate the interactive ‘Data Analytics Research Reporting Tool’ (DARRT), to assist the Coordinating Office and hospitals and researchers to better plan, understand and lead strategic initiatives that support clinical trials and research. The reporting and monitoring solution (Dashboard) is for clinical trial activity, hospital administration, and human research ethics committees.

Our solution was an Amazon Web Services (AWS) based SQL Server data warehouse and Qlik Sense combination.  The data warehouse was built using the Data Vault methodology, with our own Acceler8 automation tool to perform the heavy lifting.  The reporting and analysis solution in Qlik Sense is a complex series of applications that deliver benchmarking, application lifecycle, administration and other suites of dashboard and reports for both the Co-ordinating Office, and the end-users.

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