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Reduce risk, improve customer satisfaction and drive growth

The Financial Services industry continues to evolve and the data available to banks and financial institutions has brought about increased responsibility regarding regulatory compliance, along with tremendous potential to excel with personalised, customer-centred products and services.

Solutions for Success

Analytics8 can help introduce agility in delivering solutions that provide immediate business value, optimise revenue, create customer-centric and data-driven cultures, and help financial services organisations grasp the opportunities data provides.

Our Experience

  • Customer-facing analytics: By bringing big data to small business, we can improve customer acquisition, retention, and cross-selling for business customers.
  • Customer segmentation: We help retail and business banking, investment management and insurance companies better define and understand their customer segments. These can lead to higher retention, growth and customer experience.
  • Predict working capital: Our algorithms determine future account balances of the institutional bank’s customer to ensure that the bank’s investors can maximise returns from the working capital they have at their disposal.
  • Total customer experience: We take a pragmatic approach to ensure that a consistent, complete, and current understanding of the customer is available to everyone to put customers at the centre of your business and provide a total customer experience.
  • Automate Fraud detection: We used advanced analytics techniques to improve fraud detection and to augment the skills of the teams responsible for overcoming this ever-increasing threat.
  • Own spend analytics: We can help you make significant returns by ensuring your in-house teams have the right solutions to efficiently perform spend analytics to build better vendor relationships and drive down direct and indirect costs across your business.
  • Navigate regulatory compliance: Data offers great potential to improve your business although it also brings great responsibility. We can help ensure you fully understand the data you own, who uses it, and what they have done it, to ensure you fulfil your regulatory compliance obligations.

We also assist with:

  • Better regulatory reporting
  • Reducing collateral cost
  • Managing liquidity positions
  • Identifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ customers
  • Managing financial and operational risk
  • Reducing the cost of compliance
  • Managing branch performance
  • Increasing product and customer margins

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