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We are delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with Denodo.

Denodo delivers data virtualisation solutions, allowing you to source and integrate data from underlying systems without the need to physicalise. Their platform comes with a robust layer of data governance tools which allow you to develop a semantic universe of rules, definitions and metadata, without the need to codify them into a rigid model of tables and ETL. They are market leader in this space, have a significant presence in the US and feature heavily in the upper right corner of multiple Gartner quadrants.

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Within the data integration domain, solutions rely heavily on how to quickly and efficiently ingest and process data into a single platform Рbe it an MPP lake or a relational platform. As an industry we are a lot less clear on what happens next. The process of cleansing, integrating and mastering data from across the organisation can be highly complex, and usually still relies on complex solutions and bespoke development. Denodo offers an attractive solution to this challenge. 

Our Denodo partnership will allow us to significantly strengthen our capabilities and broaden our data and analytics offering. Data virtualisation is relatively new to the Australian market, however we believe that this technology offers significant opportunities for our clients.

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