Data Vault Modelling

Building fast, flexible, and future-proof data warehouses

Pioneers in Data Vault Modelling

Data Vault modelling is a modelling approach that results in data warehouses that are resilient to change, adaptable, flexible, and scalable. It draws together the best of 3NF and dimensional modelling patterns.

Analytics8 was one of the first consulting organisations to introduce Data Vault in Australia, and we have championed the Data Vault modelling approach since 2008. We now have the most experienced Data Vault team in Australia, and can also offer private and group Data Vault training and certification.

The benefits of Data Vault Modelling

Data Vault solves numerous challenges inherent in data warehouse modelling. It allows the rapid integration of new business subject areas, to incorporate changes to the data warehouse fluently and provides ongoing ROI by delivering a solid, maintainable and scalable foundation for your information architecture.

Data Vault provides extensive options for data attribution and auditing and was designed to support both near-real-time loading and the seamless integration of ‘Big Data’ sources.

Data Vault modelling and ETL Generation go hand in hand, reducing the time value and increasing the overall quality, consistency and maintainability of your data warehouse built substantially. Talk to us to learn more about Data Vault and its benefits.