A design methodology explained

The Data Vault is a hybrid data modelling technique encompassing the best of breed between 3rd normal form (3NF) and star schema. It uses a hub-and-spoke approach that is architected specifically to meet the needs of today’s EDWs. It does this not by any great novelty, but by relying on a few very basic premises and a rigorous adherence to a small number of key design principles.

“Data Vault is the new best practice design methodology for the Enterprise Data Warehouse”

Data Vault Training

What to expect

Data Vault Modelling & Certification (CDVDM) is an intensive course delivered by Analytics8 in partnership with Genesee Academy.

It is delivered using a hybrid technique including three days in the classroom; including lectures and interactive group lab work. This course also includes two weeks of online, on-demand video lectures and labs delivered on All course materials, labs, exercises, and online lessons are included in the course registration..

Who should attend? 

This course is intended for data warehouse architects, data modellers and developers who either already are or will soon embark on a DV initiative and need to understand the practical application of the methodology – as well as its pitfalls.

Your Instructor

Hans Patrik Hultgren is a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence educator, author, trainer, and adviser. Hans is currently working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on modelling and architecture including Ensemble and Data Vault modelling. Hans works internationally primarily in Nordics and EU (based in Stockholm), USA and Canada (based in Golden, CO) and down under in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane as well as Auckland and Wellington.Hans was with the University of Denver for 20 years and now continues an education focus with hybrid course delivery including e-Learning components

Prior to Start

Two weeks before your course you will receive login credentials for online, on-demand lessons. These lessons will be available 24 hours a day for two weeks. Upon arrival at the class, students are expected to have a working knowledge of Data Vault practices, principles, and standards.


Course Duration and Delivery

The Data Vault Modelling & Certification course is three days in length including the certification exam PLUS two weeks of online on-demand lessons. Classroom content consists of lectures, presentations, discussions, exercises and labs. Case-studies with hands-on lab work are provided.


Course Content

The course includes a case study workshop where teams will build pieces of the Data Vault Model and answer business questions, identify assumptions, and draw a Data Vault Model.  



The Data Vault certification test is graded by the Genesee Academy based on the participant’s grasp of ideas and concepts. Upon successful completion participants will become a Certified Data Vault Data Modeller (CDVDM).


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