Data Solutions for Tertiary Education

Analytics8 is working with a number of Australian universities to future-proof the tertiary education industry and create a better higher education experience for all.

Gain operational insights across all faculties

Universities collect a wealth of data across a range of sources, but accessing it from various sources can be problematic. Analytics8 provides best practice data integration by combining all data from multiple sources so that it’s simple to obtain a single view of each student.

This results in:

  • Removal of siloed barriers that prevent meaningful data analysis.
  • Easy identification of costs and revenues associated with each student, lecturer, subject, course and faculty.
  • Accurate tracking of core KPIs.
  • Enhanced personalised learning at every stage from enrolment to graduation to research.

Student retention

While it is critical for universities to understand the drivers of student attrition, it has not always been easy to analyse student behaviours, their interaction with facilities, and engagement attributes.  But knowing where the friction points are in the student experience is crucial.   

We can process a broad range of transactional data to deliver valuable information, including wi-fi and student interactions with learning resources like online learning platforms and library portals.

The right tools can now enable lecturers and tutors to identify students that may have a higher propensity to leave or encounter difficulties passing the course. The result? Increased pass rates and higher student retention.

Case Study: How Analytics8 helped with student retention for one of Australia’s largest universities.

Identify most appropriate student pathways

Analytics8’s mobile dashboards offer valuable insights that:

  • Enable analysis of student engagement, assessments and exam results across subjects.
  • Provide rich results about the best pathway of pre-requisite learning to support students achieve successful marks.
  • Help to identify students that are most likely to progress to postgraduate and research positions.

Recruit and enrol students more effectively

Universities face many challenges when it comes to targeting and recruiting new students. It’s a fine line between attracting a strong student body and ensuring the student capacity isn’t exceeded.

Intelligent strategies like marketing optimisation and demand forecasting can ensure the number of offers and enrolments are appropriately supported. But finding the right balance still requires careful juggling.

Analytics8 can leverage its advanced analytics capability to analyse numerous data sources including academic records, college entrance exams, and publicly available national census data to optimise your recruitment and enrolment processes.

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