From Data Collection to Data Discovery
A Data Lake case study

A Data Lake Case Study:

Our client has invested significantly in development of transactional and financial platforms to deliver their service offerings to its customers.

However, how the organisation was delivering business intelligence was highly manual, labour-intensive and unsustainable as the appetite for more and better information increased.

Competitors were differentiating themselves by providing in-depth reporting and dashboards to their customers. In turn, our client wanted to leverage its extensive data sets and deliver valuable insights both internally and towards its clients.

The aim was to provide user-friendly, cost-effective self-service business intelligence.

Our Solution:

We delivered a data lake to serve as a powerful, consolidated point of access to operational data. It enabled data users to apply data mastering and execute complex analytical queries and merges across multiple operational data sets.

Our Acceler8 Data Foundation framework was used to fast-track the development of the data integration platform. This shifted the focus from data wrangling to data visualisation.



With Acceler8 in place, our client can ensure that the best design patterns are implemented throughout the ETL solution consistently. And by using a metadata-driven automation tool for their ETL, they are able to respond faster to the organisation’s demands for data.

A suite of Tableau dashboards empowers the organisation to showcase data insights directly to its customers, providing our client with a powerful competitive advantage.

Our solution significantly reduced the cost of report preparation and showcased the power of best practice data visualisation Tableau to the executive team.

The introduction of standardised data management, rigorous audit control and quality monitoring, shifted the focus from data collection and validation to discovery and much higher levels of client and staff service.

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