Cleansing Membership Data to Reach More Customers

The Challenge:

The success of our client’s quarterly CRM activity was being hampered by incorrect contact information recorded for its loyalty members.

Invalid mobile number entries along with spelling mistakes and typos in emails addresses meant that our client was only connecting with approximately 50% of its members.

Furthermore, for any one campaign, up to 600,000 messages were bouncing. This represented a significant cost for the business, on top of the opportunity cost of unreachable members.

Our Solution:

We conducted a thorough review to gain insight into the  most common data errors.

We then developed a rules-based data cleansing model able to identify typos and errors in data, and update with corrections.

The rules identified invalid mobile numbers and email addresses and updated them to ‘null’ to prevent attempted but failed sends.



The data cleansing process enabled our client to connect with an additional  56,000 members via SMS, and a further 15,000 members via email.

By avoiding bounce backs triggered by incorrect and invalid email addresses and phone numbers, our client is now saving over $45,000 per campaign.

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