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Customer insights at the click of a button with QlikView

Our client is one of Australia’s top 4 banks. One of their key goals is to provide superb quality service for their customers. However, when the organisation first spoke to us, their business users were struggling to both consolidate and analyse the large volumes of customer data at their disposal. Despite many data warehouses and data sources, they lacked integrated, interactive reporting as well as visibility of customer data.

All analysis was being performed – mostly manually – in Excel. Manual extraction of data for business analysis took hours and was error-prone. Furthermore, the  time it was taking to analyse data, and the lack of transparency in generic reports on customer data, was resulting in lost opportunities and ultimately having a negative impact on customer experience.

The QlikView Solution

To address the challenges our client was facing, we developed an easy-to-use set of online tools built on the QlikView platform that enabled staff to access customer information at the click of a button.

Our solution included the following features:

  • Automated customer insight reporting: We pulled in and arranged key data across 3,000+ customers.
  • Dynamic display of data in a wide range of graphs, charts and tables, filtered by entity, team member, industry, portfolio, and product hierarchy, and down to individual customers.
  • Continuously evolving ecosystem: By using QlikView unique engine and an agile development approach, it is possible for the solution to further evolve and for us to add more ways to represent available data. This is important to be able to continually meet business needs in competitive, ever-changing environment.

These features make it possible to perform analysis and gain insights on multiple factors including:

  • Customer’s transactional flows, fees and cash balances
  • Customer’s products and usage identifying product gaps per customer
  • Changes and trends in customers’ behaviours identifying spikes/dips and their rationale
  • Unit price comparison and pricing discrepancies to ensure consistency in pricing
  • Revenue drivers, product or industry groupings such as:
    1. top 10 revenue generating customers/products contributing to revenue
    2. revenue drivers for specific customers
    3. what products are making a loss and may need a review/repricing
    4. revenue trends
  • Cash balances and revenue comparative analysis to identify whether margins (revenue as a percentage of balances) are going up or down and the reason this has happened
  • Commercial cards transactions, volumes by spend categories and suppliers
  • Merchant transactions, fees, volumes and turnovers by fee categories, transactions types, card mix

Business Results

The solution built on the QlikView platform has become a ‘game changer’ for the bank, and an important tool in helping the organisation achieve their vision which is to be one of the world’s great service companies.

Most importantly, it has empowered employees: They are spending less time chasing data, allowing them to spend more time developing customer strategy and generating insights that will improve the overall client experience.

The Analytics8 solution has delivered the following benefits:

  • Quicker response times to requests.
  • Creation of a single view of customers with simplified reporting.
  • Improved knowledge and insights, supporting efforts to delight customers.
  • Improved revenue figures by identification of product gaps, opportunities and maximising product mix per customer and utilising cross-sell opportunities
  • A saving of over 8700 hours per year various stakeholders due to less time being spent on customer analysis, preparing reports and client presentation, and less time needed to respond to customers.

“We’re providing our employees with customer insights at the click of a button” –  Executive Director, Industry Analytics & Insights, Corporate & Institutional Banking.

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