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Case Studies

How we’ve been helping Australian organisations do more with their data

Making ‘data quality’ part of everyday language

As a trusted advisor to one of Australia’s largest industry super funds, Analytics8 was given the opportunity to help elevate fragmented, departmental data governance to a consistent, enterprise capability and ensure that ‘data quality’ became part of the everyday...

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Maximising the value of customer data

Our client is a leading global fast food company. With fierce competition, attracting and retaining customers is essential for the survival of their chain stores. In Australia, the organisation focuses on developing innovative and targeted marketing campaigns (with a...

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Azure cloud-based solution for business-critical data

Our client is a global restaurant franchising company. To stay relevant and continue to grow in the Australian market, the company needs to focus on operational efficiency and providing value add benefits to its franchisees. To this end, the organisation has decided...

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Improving data quality and data reporting

This leading bill payment service provider facilitates fast and secure bill payments for Australian consumers. Supported by over 150 banks and credit unions nationally, its reach spans 95 percent of the consumer banking market. Processing an average of 1.5 million...

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Customer Retention with Advanced Analytics

  When one of Australia's leading universities faced challenges involving unexpected student enrolment and retention numbers, we were engaged to conduct value-adding analysis to uncover insights and help form a strategic plan to improve student experience.  The...

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