Business Glossary Solution

The key to a single source of truth

Our expert Qlik team has created a solution that integrates a Business Glossary seamlessly into your Qlik Sense applications. The integration of auto-enabled icons within charts and objects allows you to drill into your metrics and understand the definitions behind them, building greater visibility and trust in your data. 

Extract the Data

The Analytics8 solution connects to Qlik Sense APIs to
trawl through application after application, expression after
expression, dimension after dimension, and object after object, extracting and consolidating the detail.

Partner Data to the Business Glossary

By matching like expressions, consistent terminology where
present, and pre-defined business logic and naming
conventions, every definable aspect of your application
can be matched to a Business Glossary index.

Reimplement your Solution

Utilising master objects, your data is re-integrated back
into your applications. With little to no visible impact, you
can easily unlock the benefits of fully annotated, and readily
defined business terminology at the click of a mouse.

Stay connected to data definitions.

The benefits of our solution:

Questions answered:  Don’t just answer the whats, wheres and whys. Go one step further and provide users with the information they need at their fingertips before the questions even arise. Allow the Business Glossary to become the one-stop shop for all definitions.

Single location: Give Qlik users access to a Business Glossary within the Qlik environment without needing to access different systems or platforms. By having access to definitions at the click of a mouse, you can improve efficiency and streamline workflows.

Simple governanceWith metric definitions centrally managed, the process of updating Business Glossary terms or definitions can be done in one location rather than trying to manage hundreds, all whilst improving Qlik structures through master items.

Informed decisions:  Empower users with Business Glossary definitions to provide trust in both their understanding and use of metrics. Avoid users making incorrect or uninformed decisions and provide them the tools to make informed decisions count. 

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