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Moving beyond the traditional

Data is growing at an exponential rate, with many organisations capturing and storing data from a plethora of sources all day, every day.

Why? Because it has value.

This insatiable appetite for data, aka Big Data, has taken on a life of its own. And while we would ideally like to pan for gold in our data lakes, we must first seek new ways to leverage technology so that we can obtain maximum value from its use.

In an integrated and connected world, technology siloes are quickly becoming obsolete. Adapting to change, and embracing new ways of working is essential for businesses that want to thrive.

Dynamic organisations have realised the importance of Big Data solutions, and understand its criticality in business strategy and planning.

It’s time to explore the true value of your data

All data is useful in some way, and progressive technologies (such as Cloud) are making it cost effective and accessible for all businesses to explore new ways of interpreting their data.

It has never been easier to optimise your business by moving to Cloud Data Platforms. New tools, methods and practices are unlocking data in ways unimagined, while offering unlimited potential for businesses to capture, store, and interpret data in huge quantities.

But before you can take the next crucial step in modernising your business, you first need a sound approach to data and information management: a fit for purpose and scalable data solution that supports and enables your business in the long term..

Information is your business edge

We live in exciting times, where leaders can discover the depth and breadth of their corporate knowledge and use it to innovate, create and take insightful action.

But if that “knowledge” is based on information that is either incorrect or incomplete, the results can be costly.

Forward thinking businesses understand that it’s not just about having information. It’s about having the right information at the right time, and making decisions based on data that is trusted, useful and meaningful.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to make timely and accurate decisions using traditional technology solutions against large volumes of data. The capacity and capability simply isn’t there.

New technology, however, is been designed specifically for this purpose – with Cloud Data Platforms helping businesses find their edge and maintain it within an intensely competitive landscape.

How we help

Analytics8 is a leader in Cloud Data Platforms.

We take a systems-wide view of your business and its problems and challenges, before drawing on our depth of understanding and exposure to a wide variety of future-thinking cloud and distributed technologies to design, develop and implement a fit for purpose solution.

We solve complex data problems using a combination of software engineering skill sets, combined with deep data and information management expertise.

Our knowledge and experience spans:

  • Software Architecture and development
  • Data and information governance
  • Data modelling and integration

These are applied across our key Cloud Data Platform offerings, which include:

Data lakes and data ingestion

Implementation of data lakes to store, catalogue and historise data that can serve as part of an analytics platform.

Cloud migration

Migration of existing systems to new cloud solutions driving effective and efficient business practices.

System architecture and design

Solutions driven by business and system requirements that are fit for purpose and use.

System maturity analysis

Big Data Readiness assessments, helping to identify and align big data solutions with business challenges.

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