The challenge

Our client is one of the leading brands in the automotive industry in Australia, selling more than 200,000 cars. To help them better manage their dealer vehicle orders and minimise inventory holdings whilst maximising on-time vehicle delivery, we were engaged to improve and extend their centralised planning system.

Data and analytics solution

The solution we created takes into account vehicle orders, Australian automotive market data, manufacturing and shipping lead times and stock holding levels at various locations both within Australia and in transit from manufacturing plants situated around the globe.

At every step during the process of rebuilding and simplifying components of the existing solution we made sure to closely collaborate with the highly experienced planning staff to verify the results, often instantly, and to ensure the accuracy of the solution.

The result

Unnecessary complexities and redundant layers of data staging and transformation were removed, resulting in a simplified but effective, more performant solution resulting in reduced costs and improved on-time vehicle deliveries.

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