Advanced Analytics
Unlock the value of your data

Analytics8 leverages sophisticated tools and techniques to discover deep insights, make predictions and generate recommendations to optimise operational performance.

Discover break-through opportunities for your organisation with cutting-edge Advanced Analytics:

Data Science and Analytics

Analytics8’s data science team can deliver exploratory data analyses, statistical modelling, inferential statistics and segmentation services to solve your most complicated business challenges.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Build intelligence and automation into your organisation’s processes using the power of deep learning algorithms, automated anomaly detection, classifier systems¬† and predictive modelling. Our services will help you design and deploy cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

Big Data, Cloud Platforms and Data Engineering

Take advantage of the performance, scalability, reduced time-to-value and cost benefits of analytics in the cloud. Analytics8’s team can help you implement Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, and cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Advanced Analytics workshop

Analytics8 can help your organisation to solve everyday business problems with Advanced Analytics through a facilitated Design Thinking workshop.

The workshop will explore your biggest business challenges and identify the highest ROI use-cases through a structured and pragmatic approach to tease out the value in your data assets.

Collaboratively, we can help you explore and design a minimum viable product (MVP) which achieves better results that you can take to market quicker.

Download our Advanced Analytics workshop brochure and get in touch today to find out more.

Solve everyday business problems better and faster:


  • What is the predicted lifetime value of my customer base?
  • What is the demand for my product in the next 12 months?


  • Which customers are the most likely to convert?
  • Which employees are most likely to leave my organisation?


  • Which product is my customer most likely to be interested in?
  • Which content is my customer most likely to enjoy?


  • What is the make-up of my customer base?
  • How can I better personalise the customer experience and drive loyalty?

Some of our success stories:

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