Advanced Analytics Workshop
Discover a data-insights driven path to success

How do you know ‘what you do not know’?

Analytics8 can help your organisation solve everyday business problems through a facilitated ‘Design Thinking’ workshop.

The advanced analytics workshop will explore your biggest business challenges and identify the highest ROI use-cases through a structured and pragmatic approach to tease out the value in your data assets.

Collaboratively, we can help you explore and design a minimum viable product (MVP) which achieves better results that you can take to market quicker. The half-day workshops are delivered by a team of Advanced Analytics experts, with experience in successfully accelerating organisations through the Advanced Analytics journey. 

Workshop Agenda


A facilitated session to determine business challenges, priorities, potential quick-wind, data assets and constraints.

Objective: Develop a Strawman idea to take to the AI Canvas phase



Turn ideas into reality. Add detail to your proposition by using the AI Lean Canvas framework.

ObjectiveAdd a level of detail to the Strawman around the proposition, data/skill requirements, metrics, costs, revenue, stakeholders and customers.


The final outcome is a MVP design that can be rapidly explored, quickly abandoned if unsuccessful, or developed into production if they show promise.

Objective: There is an understanding of the objectives and deliverables by all parties and A8 have the information required to develop a Statement of Work (SOW).


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