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A MicroStrategy Case Study

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Our client is one of Australia’s leading private health insurers. Strong competition within Australia’s private health insurance market had been eroding our client’s market share, while the rising cost of health insurance was seeing a flow of customers from their flagship brand to its lower-priced offering. 

As part as strategic drive to increase competitiveness and reduce cost, the organisation focused on four key areas: 

  • Development of a more customer-centric model
  • Cost leadership 
  • Growth of market share 
  • Operational excellence 

This strategy had direct implications on the organisation’s approach to BI & EDW. Our client had traditionally maintained an enterprise data warehouse on a powerful Teradata platform. However its industry model, tightly coupled to its legacy operational systems, lacked flexibility and proved to be unable to integrate data across the full breadth of the organisation’s brands and channels. As an environment, it suffered from high cost, high complexity and an unacceptable time to marketAs a platform, it was deemed incapable of supporting the new business strategy. 

It was concluded that a new strategic platform was required to support enhanced decision-making and cross-functional, insight, and that was both cost effective and fit for purpose.

The Solution

The organisation partnered with us to define and implement a new cloud-based data warehouse based on Data Vault design principles. As fast innovation and exploration were core design principles, the foundation of the new platform was Acceler8, a technology-independent data integration framework developed by Analytics8 from the ground up to accelerate the implementation of data integration projects.

In addition to the Acceler8 framework, our client was seeking expertise in data modelling, ETL and presentation-ready reports and data visualisationsWe recommended and deployed MicroStrategy 10 to deliver a rich suite of report and dashboards across the unified data source.

Our consultants collaborated with our client to define conceptual, logical and physical data models to support their complex data environment. A total of 15 unique data sources were connected and integrated during the first phase of the program alone, providing the full breath of data required for a 360 degree view of customer interactions. Acceler8 made it possible to create a single analytical view across all different and disparate departments/branches.


Ownership of information assets was transferred to business stakeholders using a centralised business information repository, allowing end users to quickly prototype new solutions for business initiatives and document analysis and requirements. Transparency of both data and interpretation resulted in increased confidence in the data and faster development cycles. 

The new solution provided our client, for the first time, a single source of facts across their entire network. MicroStrategy 10 provided users with rich, predefined dashboards as well as the ability to create their own ad hoc analyses. The new “Customer Performance” and “Product Performance” dashboards we created provide executives with valuable insights into their data which previously were almost impossible to achieve.

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