The Analytics8 Story

Optimising business performance since 2002

About us

Analytics8 is a specialist consulting organisation that delivers bespoke data and analytics solutions.  We focus on data management, reporting and data visualisation, and advanced analytics. We offer services that span the complete data and analytics life-cycle, from strategic planning to implementation and support.

We help our clients use their existing data assets to become more successful at what they do. We are passionate about transforming data into usable information and actionable insight.

We have the skills and experience to deliver projects irrespective of an organisation’s technology mix. We are a technology-agnostic advisor and implementation partner. We pride ourselves on being able to provide businesses with genuine, unbiased advice based on our broad experience in data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

We operate across multiple industries and work with some of Australia’s largest organisations to help them make smart, data-driven decisions.

Our Story

Founded in Melbourne in 2002, we have maintained a clear vision of helping our clients use data and analytics to be more successful in what they do.

We have built a diverse team which comprises dedicated information management, data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and big data professionals from more than a dozen countries. We are driven by challenging projects, and our long-term customer relationships are a testament to the importance we place on high-quality project outcomes.

The achievement of game-changing results has played a vital role in our growth. Following expansion into the US in 2005 and UK in 2017, we now employ nearly 200 people in 11 offices globally – Sydney, Melbourne, London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Denver, Madison, Minneapolis and Raleigh.

Our ability to work closely with organisations to define strategy, develop and implement solutions, and then support and adapt to the future, has created enduring relationships that are the cornerstone of our business. As a result of the partnerships formed with our clients globally, we have witnessed our clients setting new standards in their industry that improve their businesses and the lives of others.

With more than 15 years’ experience across a broad range of industries, we would like to show you how we can help your business.

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