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Our mission is to help you achieve operational excellence by capitalising on your data assets
Analytics8 is a specialist data and analytics consultancy dedicated to helping organisations do new, better things with their data. Founded in Australia in 2002, Analytics8 now has 11 offices globally and almost 200 consultants operating across multiple industries.

Our team is passionate about transforming data into actionable insight and has the skills and experience to deliver projects irrespective of an organisation’s size or technology mix. With a focus on data management, reporting and data visualisation, data science and advanced analytics, their services span the complete data and analytics life-cycle, from strategic planning to implementation and support.

Our Services

Advanced Analytics

The purpose of Advanced Analytics is to unlock the business value that is hidden in your data.  The Data Scientists in our Advanced Analytics team can expertly apply a range of advanced techniques to develop deep business insights and solve problems that go beyond the traditional Business Intelligence domain.


Develop a strategy to take maximum advantage of data and analytics to drive growth. Providing agnostic, unbiased advice, we work with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand requirements, evaluate solutions and build a roadmap that puts you on a path to achieve your corporate goals.

Data Management

Better, faster decision-making requires clean, high-quality, well-integrated data. Our consultants have the skills and experience to successfully design, deliver, enhance and support your data mart, data warehouse, data lake or real-time data platform.

Data Visualisation

Elegant and compelling visuals can instantly communicate the value of your data. It’s visualisations that let you discover new patterns, identify key relationships, share ideas, drive consistent actions, and explore possibilities.

Business Intelligence

Ensure everyone in your business has timely and accurate information at their fingertips. Use sophisticated data discovery and visualisation, and user experience design capabilities to ensure everyone is empowered to make faster decisions, as well as better understand your business, customers and markets.

Managed Services

Focus on your core business, and allow Analytics8 to manage your data, integration, and analytics environment. Our flexible managed services offerings will help reduce operational costs, increase innovation with and availability of data, and quicken the ‘time to value’ of your projects.

Technology Expertise

Latest from the Analytics8 Newsroom

Financial clarity with SpendView

The importance of Spend Analytics Money matters. You can never underestimate the importance of effective money management and cost optimisation. But do you actually have clear vision of your spend? If you were asked right now, would you be able to answer all of these...

Exposing business blind spots

When it comes to managing your business, how do you know if you have blind spots – opportunities or risks you cannot see? And worse, what if these blind spots are costing you money without providing any real value? One highly impactful blind spot that effects many...

Customer Retention with Advanced Analytics

Imagine being able to identify 'at risk' customers before they even realised they had a problem. A bit like Minority Report... Having the insight to predict an issue before there even really was one. That's what we can do using the power of analytics. Advanced...

Detecting Data Anomalies with Anodot

Our focus is using data and analytics to help businesses make smart, data-driven decisions. Because we recognise the importance of being able to make decisions in real time, one of the technologies we are expert in is Anodot. Anodot relies on AI to detect real time...

Analytics8 speaking at the MicroStrategy Symposium

We're proud to be a part of the upcoming MicroStrategy Symposium, a one-day event in Melbourne highlighting the very latest in BI and analytics. The symposium on 23rd April 2018 will cover topics such as next-generation augmented analytics use cases, innovative...

Number plate recognition from your smartphone with no coding

Number plate recognition - or image recognition – is typically driven by technology known as deep learning. From optical character recognition (OCR) in your scanner, to facial recognition on your smartphone, it has become one of the mainstays of IT and Artificial...

Gaining valuable new insights into health trends in Australia

In this data and analytics case study, we explore how Analytics8 and NPS MedicineWise worked in partnership to build a new clinical data warehouse to uncover insights into health trends in Australia, ultimately helping doctors across the country to improve patient...

Demand Planning within the Fast Food industry

The Challenge Our client, a major international fast-food business, needed a way to predict how well new products would sell at launch.  Demand planning for NPD is always challenging as new products have no historical track-record that can be used to benchmark...

Becoming the premier custodian for Australia’s general practice clinical data

In July 2014, the Victorian Health Minister David Davis stated that “Health Data Analytics could reduce healthcare costs by as much as 30%. A reduction by as little as 10% would see a budget saving of $1.5bn”. This was a powerful acknowledgement that there is a huge...

Unleashing the power of Acceler8 and MicroStrategy 10

The challenge One of Australia's leading health insurers partnered with us to define and implement a new enterprise data warehouse. The foundation of the new platform was Acceler8, a technology-independent data integration framework we developed from the ground up to...

Leveraging data – without the overhead

The challenge We work with one of Australia’s largest radiology services companies. They provide diagnostic imaging to general practitioners, medical specialists and their patients. They pursue a “growth through acquisition” strategy and operate a network with...

Insightful roadside assistance

The challenge Our client, one of Australia's leading roadside assistance wholesalers, has invested significantly over many years in the development of transactional and financial platforms to deliver their service offerings to clients. However, their reporting and...


There are no upcoming events at this time.

MicroStrategy Symposium – April 2018

Microstrategy technology partner

Analytics8 proud to be a part of the upcoming MicroStrategy Symposium, a one-day event in Melbourne highlighting the very latest in BI and analytics.

Marcin Mazewski, one of our senior BI/DW/MicroStrategy consultants, will speak at the event. Marcin is a MicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal with over 8 years of experience.  Marcin will be part of an expert panel discussing a range of topics including cloud-based agile data management approaches, opportunities for BI teams to develop skills and embrace digital disruption, and the need for augmented analytics skills in BI teams. He will also be giving a presentation on MicroStrategy best practice, with a focus on responding to customer feedback through enhanced MicroStrategy functionality, key product enhancements such as data blending, injecting JavaScript code, and the impact of user experience on the product.

To attend you can register online.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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