Customer Pathway Analysis Primer

‘Customer Pathway Analysis’ is a term that describes complex analyses of customer behaviour and events over time. It can help your organisation understand and predict customer needs.

In his latest blog post, Tim Manns explains how path analysis works and how it can help you.

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Acceler8 Version 3 Released

Analytics8 announces the release of the latest version of Acceler8, the data foundation accelerator.  Acceler8’s model driven ETL generation lets you deploy sophisticated, best-practice information management processes in record time.

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How Analytics8 Can Help You

Maximise organisational performance using the power of data and analytics

Data Warehousing

Clean, high-quality, well-integrated data is the foundation of your analytics and reporting programme. Our consultants have the skills and experience to successfully design, deliver, enhance and support your data warehouse.

Big Data

Reveal hidden insights and exploit new business opportunities with big data technologies that allow you to capture, store and analyse huge quantities of data cheaply and efficiently.  We can implement your big data solution using Hadoop or emerging alternatives like Spark.

Business Intelligence

Understand your business, your customers and your market with sophisticated query, reporting and data exploration capabilities. Analytics8 can provide skilled consultants to work with your team, or a complete solution end-to-end.

Data Integration

Focus on high-value analytical tasks using integrated, quality-tested data.  Acceler8, our data integration methodology and accelerator,  delivers flexible, easy maintained, best-practice integration using automated, model-driven techniques in record time.

Advanced Analytics

Forecast performance, understand risk and build sophisticated business insights using statistical modelling, machine learning and data mining techniques. We can deliver a complete analytics solution or complement your in-house team.


Achieve scalability, agility and cost-benefits using cloud-based analytics, data warehousing and data integration deployments.  Analytics has extensive, real-world experience of cloud solutions based on Amazon, Azure and other leading cloud provider platforms.

Our Services

Designed to help you successfully deploy cutting-edge analytics solutions

We can plan, design, implement and support you initiative end-to-end, or complement your in-house team.

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Advanced Analytics

Big data, complex data manipulation, statistical modelling, and data mining, for real-world projects

Tim's Blog

Is Customer Segmentation Dead?

Did powerful, data-driven, one-to-one customer communication kill customer segmentation analysis?




The telecommunications industry was a pioneer in ‘big data’ analytics.


Detailed call data record (CDR) analysis enables customer retention and churn forecasting, customer experience analysis, fraud, segmentation and demand forecasting as well as plan and pricing analysis.



We implement solutions that make finance organisations data-driven and which use analytics as a value-add service for their client businesses.


Analytics8 consultants have delivered a wide range of solutions including customer pathway analysis, optimisation of term deposit savings and loan default risks.



Advanced analytics help retailers meet the challenges of understanding large numbers of customers and managing revenue and costs of thousands or millions of products (SKUs).


Retail analytics opportunities include demand forecasting, basket analysis and promotions analysis as well as customer value, segmentation, and retention.

Focus on: Customer Analytics

Customer analytics solutions generate data-driven customer insights and differentiate your organisation by maximising the value of every micro-decision when interacting with customers and prospects.

Customer Retention

Identify and detect customers at risk of leaving.  Provide insights to optimise retention offers.

Customer Insights

A comprehensive data model and analytical solution developed to track and forecast individual customer experiences with an unparalleled customer-centric focus.

Customer Micro-Segmentation

Place the understanding of a customer into the context of all other customers, in terms of value, behaviour and customer experience.

Voice Of The Customer

Understand the options of customers and analyse what is being said about your brand or product through advanced text analysis, sentiment analysis and context extraction.

Next Best Offer and Action

Recommendation systems apply time-sensitive contextual data to deliver the ideal outcome, tailored to each customer through the right channel.

Customer Lifetime Value

Apply a commercial lens to the customer lifecycle relative to the revenue and costs associated with servicing the customer or micro-segment.

Innovative Solutions

Solve your business challenges with solutions developed by the Analytics8 team

Acceler8 the data integration build process with dynamic, model-driven ETL generation.

Model-driven, technology independent ETL generation reduces development times by up to 50% whilst delivering repeatable, high-quality ETL with industry best-practices, built-in.

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Create powerful geospatial analytics using QlikMaps, the location engine for Qlikview and Qlik Sense.

Take advantage of the power of geospatial analysis by adding rich, interactive location analytics to Qlik apps, using QlikMaps and QlikRoutes.

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Leverage the power of BusinessObjects Universes in Qlik, Tableau or Birst.

Your users can design in Qlik, Burst or Tableau while using BusinessObjects Universes as a powerful, purpose-built host for business logic.

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Analytics8 events, worldwide

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Australian Data Vault Certification by Hans Hultgren, in conjunction with Analytics 8.

Genesee Academy

Certified Data Vault Data Modeller Training Courses in Brisbane and Melbourne In March 2018.


Analytics8 and Genesee Academy are bringing the Certified Data Vault Data Modeller training and certification course back to Australia in March 2018. We are excited to also be offering the Advanced Data Vault Modelling Seminar & Lab, for the first time in Australia.

The certification course will guide you through the Data Vault modelling approach from modelling constructs and patterns, to applying data vault principles in your DWBI program. Updated for 2017, the course includes coverage of Big Data modelling, revised UOW, Metrics Overlay, Ensemble Modeling, updated BK design, Hash Key options, new Raw/BDV materials, and new cases.

The CDVDM seminar is designed for data modellers, business analysts, architects, and BIDW professionals.

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